Clouddish- Restaurant Software

Point of Sale for Growing Restaurants

  • Point of Sale for Growing Restaurants

    Digital Ordering

    Provide your customers the convenience of ordering their favourite food items on your menu directly from your website or mobile app

  • Point of Sale for Growing Restaurants

    POS Integration

    A flawless point of sale system software streamlines your orders and payments by way of easy-to-add and update options for menu and pricing

  • Point of Sale for Growing Restaurants

    Delivery Mapping

    Make your delivery services more efficient and prompt with a powerful tracking facility to know the status that gets updated in real time

Cloud-based Restaurant POS Software

Customers Interface

The online food ordering app assists customers in finding the various food destinations around and choose their favorite to order food with no long waiting in the restaurants. Users can place orders selecting from the digital menu based on the reviews and ratings and make payments online to receive food at their location.

  • Optimised for mobile devices for a pleasant browsing experience
  • Take pre-orders and table reservations in advance
  • Send order confirmation emails and personalized product updates
  • Accept online payments and offer multiple payment options


Cloud-based Restaurant POS Software

Organized Kitchen

The restaurant management system streamlines the tasks of chefs, making order processing more accurate and quick. Chefs can organize the tasks and deliver services according to various customer needs. There will be no more discrepancies in taking or carrying out orders. The application holds significant features that empower chefs to manage schedules effectively and enable customers to receive a faster service.

  • Manage all orders simultaneously with efficient scheduling module.
  • Get notifications on delayed and yet-to-be-delivered orders.
  • Monitor data of food spend and the kitchen inventory list.
  • Standardise recipes and labels with the kitchen management module
Cloud-based Restaurant POS Software

Delivery Operations

The restaurant delivery software minimises promised delivery times and expedites the process with powerful tracking facilities. With advanced mapping, you can keep your drivers on track and ensure all your operations run smoothly and meet your customer expectations. Equip your delivery boys with all that they need to easily track the customer location and dispatch orders without delays.

  • Advanced location tracking to easily identify each delivery point.
  • Driver performance metrics to evaluate delivery services.
  • Real-time updates to know the delivery status of each order.
  • Alert notifications for waiting orders.
Cloud-based Restaurant POS Software

Restaurant Manager

We offer an ideal mobility solution for restaurant managers to gain a significant return on their investment. For seamless back end operations, the application provides a wide range of advanced and easy-to use functionalities that cater to the contemporary customer needs. Customise orders as per the preferences of the customers and connect with them.

  • Quickly add product categories and pricing for each day with minimal effort.
  • Manage a customer database to understand the market and demands.
  • Perform accurate scheduling to manage employees and tasks.
  • Offer multiple payment gateways for faster checkout.
Cloud-based Restaurant POS Software

Business Practices

You can manage restaurant reservations through a mobile device and monitor your business from anywhere in the world with the perfect restaurant management software. Spend less time attending to complaints, and extra time on enhancing customer satisfaction.

  • Expand market reach with customer-centric features.
  • Upload menus online for easy online ordering.
  • Understand your business with live sales reports and online statistics.
  • Create loyalty programs for increased customer retention.