Clouddish- Restaurant Software

Set a norm for quick-service restaurant with POS software

  • Set a norm for quick-service restaurant with POS software

    Orders and Ticketing

    Stay open 24/7 with an online ordering facility that will automatically increase your orders and enhance your reach

  • Set a norm for quick-service restaurant with POS software

    Dispatch and Delivery

    Prompt your customers for repeated ordering with an error-free dispatch system that will keep them informed

  • Set a norm for quick-service restaurant with POS software

    Online Payments

    Offer the convenience of multiple payment options for your customers, allowing you to receive orders in seconds

POS Software for Quick Service Restaurants

Cocktail Lounges

How do you manage when your customers reorder items and bill them systematically? Simple! Our POS system with a robust feature set for Bars mitigates your concern about serving your increasing number of customers. With a full-featured beverage inventory management system, offer your customers an interactive digital wine list and track the record of serving unlimited customers.

  • Display and highlight featured items and specialty cocktails on the menu
  • A wide range of customisations for the perfect order management
  • Opportunity for customers to provide their taste notes
  • Option to email the item info to your customers


POS Software for Quick Service Restaurants


Happily serve customers reaching you with the hope of quick refreshment with light meals and drinks. Execute your big responsibility of satisfying their expectations each time with an easy-to-use point of sale system that can process sales and check out customers in seconds. Our app provides you a fast order taking and billing experience, so you have the time to let your customers love the food you serve.

  • Seamlessly integrated with options to manage, track and report on all employees
  • Designed to increase the speed and simplicity at checkout.
  • Specifically targeted promotions to market to your customer base.
  • Reports on sales history and sales turns on each item.
POS Software for Quick Service Restaurants


A powerful bakery management app completely changes the way you deal with your customers and makes your business easier to run. It increases efficiency and profitability with the perfect point-of-sale software that can manage orders and fulfill any form of payment. Sync all product information of your existing store with the app and see how it transforms your bakery to become the most in-demand one among the customers.

  • Intuitive interface that lowers employee errors and enhances speed.
  • Access and manage the back end from any device.
  • Run multiple functions from a single terminal.
  • Allow customer-based discounts to earn customer loyalty.


POS Software for Quick Service Restaurants

Food Trucks

We extend the most reliable and affordable POS system that offers flexible choices to take orders on the go. With complete control over the customisable menu, you can add new items and adjust the prices in seconds. Watch your business performance and track your inventory from wherever you are and from any device.

  • Designate item quantity, menu and pricing.
  • Keep track of your sales in real time.
  • Designed to cut transaction times during peak hours.
  • Custom modifiers for takeout/delivery orders.


POS Software for Quick Service Restaurants


Our app is best suited to engage new customers and improve your relationship with existing customers. Allow your users to personalise their food item with their favourite ingredients. No more complex special orders or custom toppings. Offer online orders, delivery, takeaways or anything else, and we help you reduce your expenditure and delivery time. Satisfy your customers with surprisingly faster delivery.

  • Mobile POS system to process orders from anywhere on the floor.
  • Advanced suite of features to monitor employee activity.
  • CRM module to keep track of detailed customer information.
  • Advanced tracking to take the smart route to the delivery point.