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It is not about distinguishing but about handling things

  • It is not about distinguishing but about handling things

    Order Accuracy

    Improve efficiency by organising items in categories and using a single interface to control everything from pre-orders
    to delivery.

  • It is not about distinguishing but about handling things


    Turn your labour into a thriving and profitable business using an affordable solution that offers everything you need at your fingertips.

  • It is not about distinguishing but about handling things

    Custom Branded

    Build a site that is tailored to your specifications under your existing domain name, if you already have one, or under a newly created name.

Clones & Alternatives for On-Demand Apps

Food Delivery Clones

Meet your customer expectations by making food delivery as quick and precise as possible. An advanced delivery POS supports the required measures to handle fast paced ordering environments and find customer addresses instantly and efficiently.
  • Manage special orders based on customer demand.
  • Send accurate information on delivery status.
  • Prompt staff to carry out tasks accurately through notifications.
  • Allow customers to customise orders as required.
Clones & Alternatives for On-Demand Apps

Catering Delivery Clones

Automate your order processes based on the industry that you cater to. The POS system adapts to all the needs of the catering industry. It upholds effective menu planning to reduce shortages and wastage of food, the common problems faced by caterers.
  • Take special requests on demand.
  • Change products and product groups easily.
  • Accept cash or card payments.
  • Accept and manage order cancellations.
Clones & Alternatives for On-Demand Apps

Table Reservation Alternatives

A table management application increases your customer reach and offers multiple ways to attract customers. Allow your buyers to set custom seating preferences or suggest the best table according the group size and purpose. Track all reservations of the past and future with intelligent reports and online reservation history.
  • Check each table status.
  • Open or close a dining area with no hazards.
  • Record estimated wait time for each booking.
  • Track guest statistics and add guest details.
Clones & Alternatives for On-Demand Apps

Home Cooked Food Delivery Apps

The growth in the food delivery business has also increased the demand for food cooked at home considering the quality and taste factor. The key component to efficient food delivery is a competent point-of-sale system that understands all essentials of the delivery process.
  • Add and update menu, pricing and recipes.
  • Create a database of regular customers and their favourites.
  • Receive automated updates on food inventory and daily management costs.
  • Effectively manage stock and ingredients.