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Be the key player in the food industry to procure more business

  • Be the key player in the food industry to procure more business

    Customer Profiles

    The best food delivery app offers the flexibility to let you add any number of customers and update the customer data from wherever you are.

  • Be the key player in the food industry to procure more business

    Restaurant Data

    Ensure you keep your business on track with custom modifications to handle an unlimited number of restaurants if you are a multi-restaurant owner.

  • Be the key player in the food industry to procure more business

    Loyalty Marketing

    Grow your restaurant in popularity by bringing customers back to your restaurant repeatedly through targeted marketing and loyalty rewards.

Delivery Management Software

Web and Mobile Apps

Fine-tune your restaurant business with complete access to modify your site from the back-end. We offer a number of customisable solutions to make your site look the perfect way. The web and mobile apps are modelled for your customers, without a doubt, enjoy a stress-free browsing experience either from from smartphones, tablets or computers.

  • Allow users to place orders from any remote location.
  • Revel in easy selling with an incredibly fast and fully integrated display.
  • Employ add ons for specific business requirements.
  • Create new products quickly and update changes automatically.


Delivery Management Software

Flexible Payments

Take the pain out of payment processing with compliant attributes that make the checkout process more convenient than ever before. Keep track of all order processing and run cost reports to get dynamic insights into your business and finances. Set the payment types and integrate payment gateways that fulfill the customer requisites and augment customer satisfaction.

  • Effective management tool to help manage finances.
  • Enhanced security for customer data and payment transactions.
  • Multiple payment gateways to heighten the reach at a global level.
  • Option to add a tip and pay by credit card, cash or other payment modes.


Delivery Management Software

Effective Management

Use the application to stay organised by tracking various customer profiles and orders in real time. The restaurant system is capable of much more than just taking orders. With precise features including order status tracking, custom permissions, intelligent reporting, custom menu building, loyalty programs, delivery management and much more, the application offers scalability and compliance at a greater level.

  • Choose when to display certain menus and discounts.
  • Manage all roles and permissions from a single platform.
  • Reward your customers with gift cards or discounts for repeat business.
  • Gain important insights into buyer behaviour and employee performance.
Delivery Management Software

Remarkable Growth


With emphasis on stability and security, the restaurant management software promises incredible growth in a shorter period of time. The online ordering platform modernises the operations of your restaurant to process a high volume of sales without a hitch. It focusses on speed and efficiency to manage and grow your business.

  • Improve business and profit margins with real-time data.
  • Analyse growth with tools for traffic analysis and conversion tracking.
  • Achieve long-term profitability with customer marketing tools.
  • Gain more revenue and cost control with faster order entry.