Clouddish- Restaurant Software



Foodazon is a renowned chain of restaurants that have been serving unparalleled food with unequalled quality since 2001. They believe that their guests deserve the best and put a greater degree of effort to value their customers with a better dining experience. Even though they were successful throughout their journey, they were involving a lot of manpower and time to get things done with some native apps.


With their crucible experience, Foodazon had realised that they needed an upgraded POS system to manage the entire process of their restaurants on a single platform. Their intention was to eliminate manual work and to move to a better, automated system that could work faster at all times. They wanted to integrate the processes of the kitchen, dining area, as well as the cash counter and were looking for an all-in-one cloud-based solution for improving their business efficiency.


While analysing their requirement sheet, we found that Foodazon’s expectation was more than just receiving payments and processing sales. Clouddish has many built-in features that were tailor-made for restaurants of any size. Therefore, we considered Clouddish, a cloud-based POS system, to be the best restaurant app for Foodazon. To stay competitive in the food industry, it would help them to get more insight into their business with technology in hand for organised business development and streamlined work process. Foodazon tracks their sales by doing extraordinary food management via Clouddish and achieves their business objectives and targeted goals in a more enhanced way. The inbuilt apps of our restaurant software enable them to carry out every activity of the restaurant automatically, much reducing the manual work.


Foodazon has integrated all the processes of their restaurant chain and is amazed by the excellent performance of Clouddish. They have started relying on it extensively to get things done.