Clouddish- Restaurant Software



Zalabya is a privately held, fast food restaurant company. Since the date of establishment, Zalabya has gained goodwill for satisfying the taste buds of many with stunning and delicious burgers, sandwiches, French fries, etc. While they were trying to expand their basic offerings to a larger and more diverse set of dishes, they had to face certain hardships in adding more dishes in the menu list maybe due to the limitations of the software they were using at the time.


Zalabya wanted to upgrade to all-new software to take their business to the next level with technology in hand and all processes at ease. As they had to update the menu list with new items in the website and maintain big data, Zalabya required a solution that had to be a complete package of technological advancements. They approached Clouddish for a new restaurant app with an option to integrate the previous website with the new one.


After listening to all their problems with their existing software and requirements, we found that Clouddish would be a much better solution for them. As our restaurant app had all the features that Zalaya was looking for, we offered them our customisable, tailor-made application. It is flexible and user-friendly and can be moulded to make it suitable for any food business irrespective of its size and location. Our app has specific features that allow the users to add any number of food items to their menu options and store data of any size on a highly secured platform. Our restaurant app allows Zalabya to integrate all of their processes into a unified one through which they can access every process from any remote location and have control over all activities of the restaurant or chain of restaurants on a single platform.


Zalabya found Clouddish more comfortable to use, and it satisfied their business needs. As it was specifically for restaurant purposes, it met all their business requirements and provided a complete search solution for adding unlimited items to the menu options and handling all their data in an orderly manner.