Clouddish- Restaurant Software



MunchIt had come to the restaurant industry with the vision to serve best quality food with absolute taste. Their passion for food and its nutritiousness made them stand out in the industry. When they indulged themselves into starting restaurant search and discovery service, they decided to adopt brand-new restaurant software with high-end technology. Using the software, they wanted to link restaurants with their website whether they have their own or not and to provide information and reviews on restaurants.


Besides restaurant search, MunchIt wanted the software to support a few revenue streams such as restaurant advertising, event promotions, event ticket sales, and consulting services for restaurants. They expected it to be well designed and easy to use. Their specifications were to help people find great restaurants around them; build better dining experience; and help restaurants get an amazing experience.


Clouddish team had grasped MunchIt’s requirements; having their demands in mind, we have worked on it and have come up with our all-in-one software solution for them. With Clouddish (mobile-responsive, cloud-based restaurant software), they can link as many restaurants as possible with their website and act as a bridge between restaurants and customers. It would be the best solution for the exceptional concept of connecting restaurants and make them available to a wide range of food lovers on a single portal.

We have given them the complete package of Clouddish enterprise software with which they can link with the restaurants and can provide location-based search solutions. Our restaurant software has enabled them to explore the world of restaurant search and discovery service.


MunchIt gets revenue not only from restaurants for online food ordering but also from other streams such as advertising, ticketing, and consulting. It’s working!