In What Ways Order-taking App Can Influence Restaurant Business?

Esakki | March 28 - 2018

Make your restaurant economy the right place to work and the best place to hang out with an all-efficient restaurant management system. It would be smarter to adhere to a software that can simplify the trivial restaurant processes and beautify your service quality. Such software is always equipped with applications to satisfy varied purposes. Among them, the order-taking app for waiters would be of great importance. Following are the key outcomes that can be achieved through waiter app:

Send orders instantly to kitchen display system

The traditional way of billing in the restaurant was clumsy and inconvenient. In that system, the waiter had to manually note down the orders in a chit, inform kitchen to cook, and contact manager to generate the bill. It was a time-consuming process. Therefore, equipping your waiters with a device is important to help them take orders instantly, notify chefs immediately, and generate invoices on the go. Thereby, it improves waiter’s performance efficiency, enhances table turnaround time, and reduces customer waiting time. In that way, your waiters can handle more customers and table at a time and make more profit.

Notify chefs on new add-ons

The order-taking apps are designed to notify chefs on any new add-ons. So that, the waiters do not have to run to the kitchen and inform chefs on such things. They can simply send all the details in a few taps.

Receive notifications on ready-to-serve orders

In the same way, waiters do not have to go and check for the ready-to-serve items. Instead, they will receive digital notification from chefs as soon as the items are ready to dispatch, which means no time waste.

Generate invoices instantly

The integrated order-taking app allows waiters to generate the invoice from their application in no time.

Reduce customer waiting time

Besides all, the main intention behind this would be to give your customer the convenience in all possible ways. While accelerating process, you are simply improving service quality, reducing customer waiting time, and gaining more profit.

Technology has influenced almost all industries. Its influence on food industry was much greater as it was badly in need of such technological influence for the betterment of trivialities. The advent of restaurant management software (like Clouddish) has changed the way restaurants do business earlier.