Restaurant Staff Work Schedule Management

Esakki | March 15 - 2018

Human resource management would be the toughest of all. When it comes to the restaurant business, it is even worse. To provide an uninterrupted service to your customer, you have to be efficient enough to delegate work to your staff and schedule them on proper shifts to engage your visitors appropriately. According to your staff’s efficiency and expertise, they have to be assigned to do tasks and scheduled for suitable shifts.

Delegate Work Efficiently

Work delegation is an art. Delegating a certain task to a right person means a lot. The person’s expertise over the particular job would help him/her complete it in a minimal time with maximum perfection. You have to understand one thing while assigning a particular job to a person whether he/she is capable of completing the task eminently.

Schedule Staff Shifts Accordingly

Having ‘n’ number of staff does not matter if they are not scheduled or utilized properly. It is advisable to prepare a schedule sheet that should engage your human resources to the most. While preparing the schedule sheet, you as a restaurateur or the restaurant manager have to:

  • Ensure that you abide by the labor laws;
  • State the number of working days, week offs, and leave details of each employee of different departments;
  • Define the roles and responsibilities of their designation and set a benchmark for them to be met; and
  • Make sure that you have required staff for every unit to complete the designated tasks.

An inappropriate or irregular shift will lead to the underutilization of the employees or drain out all their energies that will obviously diminish their overall performance and restrain the service of your restaurant.

What if you go short of staff during the peak hours or having excessive in normal hours? Predicting the busiest days manually would be the toughest job. There is restaurant management software like Clouddish that offer an AI-enabled restaurant POS software to predict the future sales by analyzing past history of the restaurant sales. Make use of it and get the most out of your staff!