Do You Really Need Kitchen Display System in Your Restaurant Kitchen?

Esakki | February 8 - 2018

If you think of restaurant technology, what will come to your mind first: A point-of-sale (POS) system or a waiter app? There are even more. Kitchen Display System (KDS) is one among them that automate restaurant processes. With KDS, you can do a lot more in your restaurant(s) by fostering kitchen performance. Following are a few benefits that can be attained by using KDS in your restaurant kitchen:

No Delayed or Missed Orders

As soon as the order is placed at POS or via waiter app, it will be reflected on the kitchen screen, and the chefs can start preparing the dishes by prioritizing the orders with no delays. Kitchen staff do not have to wait for waiters or kitchen order ticket (KOT) to proceed further with the order. Each and every order will be displayed in the kitchen display screen and can be prepared accordingly where there is no possibility of missing out any orders.

Faster Than Order Chits

In manual order taking process, the chefs have to wait for waiters to bring order chits to the kitchen or KOT from bill desk. Obviously, the cooking and dispatching take time; therefore, it doubles the waiting time of customers. While adhering to the restaurant management software, you are pushing things to be completed faster by automating several processes such as order taking, sending it to KDS, notifying on order completion, and so on.

Integrated System

The kitchen is the heart of the restaurant that has to be interconnected to billing and order taking system. So that it can produce better and faster results. You will feel the difference in the performance of integrated KDS as it will make things easier and derive order-related data instantly. Integration allows the waiters to notify kitchen staff on any updates or add-ons if there is any.

Streamlined Kitchen Operations

The chefs can work systematically by having the prioritised orders on screen. Orders can be prepared in a streamlined way and dispatched on time, thereby reducing customer waiting time and improving efficiency.

Enhanced Communication

With the KDS, the communication between kitchen staff and waiters can be improved. Waiters can send orders directly to kitchen screen and update add-ons instantly. Chefs can also notify waiters or POS system on order completion to fasten dispatching. The kitchen app bridges the gap between kitchen, POS, and waiters.


Besides all, the purpose of using online restaurant management system is to derive data from connected devices. While using the KDS, you can receive the order-related data and get it stored in the POS for further use. Such data can provide you with a detailed reporting on the moving of dishes and customer preferences. Performance of kitchen staff can also be monitored if you adopt an integrated KDS.