Enhance Delivery Process via Food Delivery Application

Esakki | January 24 - 2018

Delivering food at doorstep was the most innovative takeover in the food business. Customers felt it comfortable to enjoy their preferred food from a favourite restaurant at home. However, it was a tiresome and clumsy process for restaurants to find customer location, deliver orders on-time and get status updates on the orders.

Interference of technology into the industry is a game-changing innovation. Food delivery software is highly reliable and dependable that makes it easier for the restaurant owners to deliver food faster with high reliability. Such application helps delivery boys (hereafter riders) to track customer locations easily and deliver orders with no hassle. It comes with the following features that simplify the entire process of delivering:

Effective Delivery Management System

An integrated system allows managers to track orders and helps riders find locations and update delivery status instantly. It simplifies the entire system with which you can:

  • Get deep insights into the orders placed and delivered through detailed reports derived from an integrated app,
  • Find out when the riders accepted, picked up, and delivered the order,
  • Track the performance of riders by monitoring average time taken to deliver each order, the number of delivered orders, and so on,
  • Notify customers of the order status through instant SMS.
  • Send order confirmation messages to the customers, and
  • Let them track the status of their order real-time.

Integrated Business Communication

It integrates every process related to delivery in following ways:

Delivery Orders

The restaurant managers can notify riders available for delivering orders with new assignments and assign them the particular task based on their availability and proximity. The riders can accept or reject the work from their mobile using delivery application. They can also update the order status when the order has been picked up from the outlet and delivered.

CRM Integration

This integrated system allows you to view the entire order history of the customers. The riders can view the customer details directly on the app.

Real-time tracking

The GPS-enabled tracking system allows your riders to trace the customer locations easily, and it allows the restaurant manager to track the orders and monitor the movement of riders.

Streamlined Delivery Process

To streamline your restaurant’s food delivery process, adhere to an option that let your manager assign orders to riders as soon as they receive it and track the delivery status in real-time. Deliver more!