Unique Online Restaurant Software vs. Food Portals

Esakki | August 3 - 2017

The restaurant is a profit-making business of all time. Preferment of technology in the food industry makes every restaurateur to adopt online restaurant system to rev up business. Their online presence would have been quite impressive, but attracting customers (digitally as well as physically) is a big deal. Business operators have to adopt the most updated and reliable strategies not only to allure customers but also to make things easier and simpler for their convenience.

The most critical part of the restaurant business is the penetration of aggregators (via third-party portals) into the sector. Most restaurants prefer to rely on aggregators to cut down initial investment that will be much greater when setting up unique restaurant software. Before opting for a food portal, have a glimpse over the following downsides of food portals.

Customer ownership

While it comes to the restaurant business, the customer is an asset. In the case of third-party food ordering portal, you can take business, but not the ownership of your valuable customers whom you served. Besides, they can also be diverted to some other food providers in the same portal. As a business owner, you should have control over your customer ownership, so that you can grasp the mindset of your customers and deliver the product up to their expectation. Using aggregators to get connected to a wider audience paves way for losing control of customer ownership.

Danger of losing control

In food portals, the decision-making process of the visitors can be of no control; moreover, the worst thing is that you do not know who triggers their decision of finding restaurants by which means and in what ways. Aggregators, besides taking ownership of customers, can control and guide (at times misguide) them to make choice based on certain business favor.

The decision process

The third-party portals leave lesser space for restaurants to control or project their brands. Besides, they commoditized food business into location, price, ranking, and the like. In such situation, the business operators are forced to vie on sponsored listings for a business pitch. In addition, the aggregators please the customers with a variety of great choice and service for their convenience. As most of their decisions were made on the third-party platform, you do not have customer data or cannot predict their buying behavior. The customer data is more vital for any major business decisions.

The value of direct business

Food portals will definitely bring business, but the questions “how far?” and “how much?” are left unanswered. Consistency and reliability would be the matter of concern when you over-rely on aggregators for business growth. Setting your own online restaurant may cost you much in the beginning, but the return will be unparalleled. If you want to hold customer ownership and nurture the relationship with your customers, the best option would be to own a branded website for online food ordering system.