Online food ordering system is used to automate your business. Build your own online restaurant business with cloud-based Restaurant management system
Clouddish- Restaurant Software

Advanced Solution to Grow Steadfast Online Restaurant

Expand sales channels, integrate branch operations, enhance inventory control, and reduce costs on packaging and deliveries

  • One-Click Solution

    One-Click Solution

    Set up your Online Restaurant System and handle the food business without a hitch

  • Marketing & Reports

    Marketing & Reports

    Facilitate sales by getting more insights into business via reports and marketing analytics

  • Cloud Access

    Cloud Access

    Increase scalability and flexibility via Cloud-computing Amazon-powered Web Services

Set up Your Online Food Ordering System in Just 2 Minutes

Affordable! Simple! Coherent! Essential!

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Clouddish for Constant Restaurant Sales

Simplified restaurant operations with the best POS-integrated restaurant management system to upgrade entire restaurant process

  • Restaurant Manager App

    Restaurant Manager App

    To streamline the business of the restaurant for better processes that make for better restaurant management.

  • POS System

    POS System

    To get your restaurant billing done in a few taps away via a POS system designed around efficiency and control.

  • Waiter App

    Waiter App

    To empower waiters to serve customers better and nurture your relationship with them via an enhanced serving.

  • Kitchen App

    Kitchen App

    To integrate chefs and waiters to reduce table turnaround time and to give customers a fine dining experience.

  • Delivery App

    Delivery App

    To deliver orders in a minimal possible time with technology that goes hand-in-hand with your delivery boys.

  • Customer App

    Customer App

    To simplify the customers’ ordering process and make it a pleasant one to turn the visitors into customers.


 Clouddish is designed to suit all types of food industries, and it excels in performance. 



Chicken Baker

 I thank Clouddish for the wonderful restaurant app and appreciate the team’s assistance. 



Food Picnic

 Clouddish is the one that we were looking for and has improved our business efficiency. 




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